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Current By-Laws


Approved May 5,2009 8:15PM




1)    The Assistant Chief of the department will meet with and investigate all new Applicants and make his/her          report to the Chief.

2)    Must be of good moral character.

3)    Must be physically fit.

4)    Must be available for fire calls.

5)    Must attend drills and meetings.

6)    Will be recommended to take necessary First Aid Training. Should complete a Cardiopulmonary               

     Resuscitation (CPR) course.

7)    Must master and be able to effectively use any and all firefighting equipment after proper training.



1)    The regular drills and meetings shall be held on the first, third, and fourth Tuesdays of every month.

2)    The Line Officers meeting shall be held on the fifth Tuesday in the months that have one.

3)    Special drills and meetings may be called by the Chief.

4)    Special called Board of Directors meetings may be called by a simple majority of the Board of Directors, upon notice, written or verbal, or one week to the membership. A special called Board of Directors meeting may also be called by the president of the Board and shall only need to give a twenty-four (24) hour notice.

5)    The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. will conduct all business in accordance with KRS 61.835, 61.818-61.850.



1)    At the first meeting in March, the Chief shall appoint a member to prepare for the election to be held during the first regular meeting in April. The ballot shall contain the Officers of the department and the names of all active department members.

2)    The election of officers shall be by secret ballot for each office. A runoff ballot between the two top members may be held if no one member receives a majority, insuring a majority of the member ship approves each officer elected.

3)    Each company of the department shall elect one member from their company to serve on the Board of Directors. This shall be at the same time as the officer’s election takes place. The Person elected must have at least one year of service with the BCVFD and be in good standing with the department.

4)    Each company of the department shall elect a Captain, Safety Officer(s), and Engineer(s). This shall be at the same time as the officer’s election.

5)    The Executive Committee shall be the Chief, Assistant Chief, and the two Battalion Chiefs.

6)    The Chief will be over any and all day to day operations.

7)    All officers must be active members of the department and must obtain seventy-five (75) training hours and attend twenty (20) regular meetings per year as well as meeting the qualifications of the office to be held.

8)    All active members must attend at least twelve (12) regular meetings and twenty (20) hours of training every year in order to remain in active status as well as to obtain voting rights.




1)      Maintains and directs the day to day operations of the department.

2)    Will be in charge of all fire ground operations when present.

3)    Shall preside at all meetings and drills of the department.

4)    Shall be responsible for the performance work entrusted to all officers of the department.

5)    Shall attend all meetings of the Board of Directors. He shall report to and recommend actions to the Board of Directors.



1)      Will perform the duties of the Chief in his/her absence.

2)    Will develop and maintain new member orientation program.

3)    Will assign all ID numbers to members.

4)    Will maintain all records and correspondence with State Fire Aid.



1)    In the absence of the Chief and Assistant Chief, he/she shall assume their duties.

2)    He/she shall serve as the Fire Ground Officer at any time two or more companies are operating at the same time.

3)    Shall chair the Truck and Safety Committee.



1)    He/she will assume the duties in the absence of the Chief, Assistant Chief, and Battalion Chief.

2)    Shall chair the Building and Grounds Committee.

3)    Shall serve on the Safety Committee.




1)    Shall be in charge at the fire scene until a higher ranking officer arrives.

2)    Shall serve as the ranking officer in his/her company.

3)    Shall be in charge and responsible for all department equipment within their company.

4)    Shall be responsible for the performance of all the work entrusted to the company Safety Officer(s) and the company Engineers.




1)    Shall have the responsibility of seeing to the abidance of all the safety rules of the department.

2)    Has the authority to stop any and all operations he/she feels are dangerous to the health and safety of all persons in the general vicinity. Operations will be resumed when he situation is corrected.

3)    Shall serve on the Safety Committee.

4)    Shall oversee and repair safety apparatus.




1)    The Board of Directors shall elect its President and Vice President on the second Tuesday in April. The regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be the second Tuesday of every month.

2)    The Board of Directors shall instruct the Chief in the administration of the department in                   accordance with the Kentucky Administration Regulations.

3)    The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the administrative policy of the department.

4)    Any member of the Board of Directors does not have any fire ground or day to day operational           authority.

5)    The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when he/she is absent or temporarily unable to serve.

6)    The election of the Board of Directors shall take place at the first meeting after General Election of each year. They shall be eligible to succeed themselves. They shall take office immediately.

7)    Upon the occurrence of a vacancy, an interim company election shall be held to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term.




1)    The Chaplin shall open and close all meetings and social events of the department with prayer.

2)    The Chaplin shall be in charge of all religious activities of the department.

3)    The Chaplin shall be responsible for organizing the department’s activities during the funeral of a fallen active member of the department.




1)    All members shall by duly dressed and have a neat appearance at any drills, meetings, and calls of the department.

2)    Any member taking a piece of equipment out of service must first notify the Chief and then said         equipment must be logged out of service at Bell Dispatch.

3)    Upon arrival on a call, each member will report to an Officer of the department as soon as possible for instructions.

4)    All members must obey traffic laws.

5)    Keys, badges, etc. shall remain the property of the department and any member leaving the service of the department will turn this property over to the Chief.

6)    Requests from other departments or authorities must be approved by the Chief or the Officer in charge of the department at the time of the request.

7)    A member may not make any purchases or transact any business in the name of the department for personal gain.

8)    Members shall be excused from a call for personal reasons, family sickness and vocational duties       included.

9)    The Officer in charge shall be responsible for equipment being checked out and refilled upon return from a call.

10) Every member must exercise extreme caution in controlling laughter, loud talk, unnecessary noises, and profanity when on the scene of a call due to the likelihood that it may be misinterpreted by a bystander.

11) All active members must attend at least twelve (12) regular meetings of the department every year in order to remain in active status as well as to obtain voting rights.

12) Every department member shall be required to render due respect to all officers of the                       department.




The Constitution and By-Laws shall be amended, repealed, or added to by a three-fourths majority of the 

Board of Directors at the second Tuesday in May each of year where elected Board members are present.  

The first vote shall be taken by he Board of Directors at the recommendation of the Chief.  The second vote 

on the proposed amendment, repeal, or addition shall be taken at the next regular Board of Directors 

meeting after the Board members have advised their company of the proposal and have been advised 

by the company.




Any member may be disciplined or dismissed for committing any refraction or violation of the BY-LAW rule 

or regulation of the department.  The said member shall be notified to appear before the Executive 

Committee for consideration of the alleged violation and if the Executive Committee finds reason for 

dismissal the member shall be suspended until he alleged violation is investigated by the Executive 

Committee.  If found said violations have been made, the Executive Committee can pass down a penalty to 

the member. If dismissal is recommended by he Executive Committee it shall then go before the Board of 

Directors under executive session.  At this time, if the Board of Directors acts upon the decision of the 

Executive Committee, then it shall be brought before the active members of this department to vote by 

secret ballot upon dismissal.  A fifty-one (51) percent majority of the active members present and voting is 

necessary for dismissal.


If a member of this department is terminated by the members by a majority vote for any infraction thereof, 

he/she shall not be able to reapply for membership to the department.


These are some of the offenses for dismissal or being disciplined:


1)    Intoxication on duty or in uniform.

2)    Any act of insubordination.

3)    Neglect of duty.

4)    Failure to meet minimum training requirements and/or fire runs.

5)    Unauthorized use of red lights and/or sirens.

6)    Conduct, on or off duty, unbecoming a member of the department or tending to lower the           

      prestige of the department in the eyes of the public.

7)    Unauthorized use or distribution of fire department property.

8)    Acquiring personal gain for the department.




Training sessions shall be on the recommendation of the Training Officer and/or the Chief. All training 

shall be scheduled by the Training Officer, Chief or any personal, providing they are certified to teach in 

that field.




All members shall receive a copy of these By-Laws and Standard Operating Guidelines upon acceptance into the department.




1)    Junior members must be thirteen (13) years of age before starting the program.

2)    There will be one junior coordinator to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

3)    All junior firefighters must have a signed permission slip signed by parents or legal guardian 

      allowing them to join the junior firefighting program.

4)    Junior firefighter training will be two (2) Saturdays per month to be set by the junior training               coordinator and/or Chief.

5)    No junior shall be allowed to use tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or drugs on fire                     department property.

6)    All junior firefighters shall abide by all guidelines set forth by the department.

7)    All junior firefighters must keep a passing grade point average. Junior firefighters will be required to turn in a copy of their report card to the junior firefighter coordinator or the Chief.




A department member must no permit any other person to use his/her badge or other identification or use 

the same himself/herself in any way embarrassing to this department.




Income is obtained through a tax lean by the Fiscal Court and may be sought from any legal activity or 

donation.  Disbursements of less than five hundred ($500) dollars for necessary supplies or equipment 

purchases may be made on the authority of the Chief.  Disbursements may be made to any legally 

constitute and recognized public or private charity, on a simple majority vote to the Board of Directors.  

Disbursements may be made for the purchase of any non-standard equipment for the fire department on a 

simple majority vote of the Board of Directors. Disbursements may be made for necessary assistance on a 

simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.  The assets of this department shall never be pledged as 

security or collateral for any loan without the approval from the Board of Directors.  The Fiscal Year shall be 

from July 1st to June 30th.




Nominations for the following positions will be held at the General Election: Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion 

Chief, Deputy Battalion Chief, Secretary, Historian, Chaplin, and Public Relations Officer.  The Executive 

Committee will appoint the Training Officer and the Parliamentarians will be appointed by the Board of 

Directors.  Nominations for the office of the Treasurer shall be handed in to the Executive Committee two 

(2) weeks prior to the Board of Directors election for review and recommendation.  The office of the 

Treasurer will be voted on by the Board of Directors on the first Tuesday in May.

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